Resolve to Resolve


Resolve to Resolve

It is time! It is the new year. It is 2015. Well, almost.

It is time to make the new years resolutions. Do you make New Years resolutions? I never really have. As a matter of fact, I was pretty adamant about not making them. I had decided at some point that it was better to live my life always changing and growing and that to make resolutions at the beginning of the year was really just a cop out for not being who I should be all the time. Wow, what a bunch of poppycock. Sometimes I just shake my head at some of the goofy things I once believed. It is okay, you can shake your head also, I don’t mind.

So now I am rethinking this whole resolution thing. I think it is a good thing. (Random Thought) ( I hope that in 10 years I do not look back at this writing and call it poppycock, hmm) Where was I, oh yeah, I think it is a good thing to make New Years Resolutions. It is a time for us to push the “reset” button on our goals and plans. It is a great time of the year also to do this. What else are you going to do in January? Making New Years Resolutions gives us a chance to rethink our goals, to make new plans and just decide some things.

There is an old saying.  “You don’t plan to fail, you just fail to plan.” Deciding to make New Years resolutions forces you to stop and think about what it really is that you want in the new year and beyond. If done right, it also forces you to question your goals and plans. It also should lead you to making a list of steps to achieving these goals.

So today I Resolve to make New Years Resolutions! (Random Thought) ( Resolve and Resolution should not go together. Shouldn’t it be Resolvolution? ) Yes today, I resolve to start the process of making my New Years Resolutions.

That’s it!

What are you waiting for?

This Blog is done. ……….You can leave now……….


You want to hear my resolutions? Haven’t made them yet. It was a lot of hard brain work just resolving to resolve. You want me to do this right don’t ya? Stay tuned, you will hear all about them.

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